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TS Child info CCE Marks Entry Online:

CCE Marks Entry 2023 TS Online has developed software for uploading the information of child-wise, class-wise, curricular and co-curricular subject-wise performance using the child-info data. This year (2021-22) also the Samagra Shiksha has decided to collect the information and upload into the same application.

CCE Grade Chart for CCE Marks Entry, download grading table from here

Children Performance/CCE Marks Data Entry

CCE Marks Data Entry at Students Info Telangana Website

CCE Marks Entry 2023 The guidelines for uploading the child-wise performance (Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments) in to child info website or Student Info web portal as follows Use same Username, password and URL address, which is used to open child-info website.

If any technical problem in uploading the data, the Mandal MIS people may contact at email-id: Accordingly the TS Online has made available the child-wise, school-wise format for the year 2021-22 for uploading the children attendance and performance at school and mandal level. In this regard the following instructions are issued to be followed at the mandal and school levels.

Children Performance Data Entry Instructions

  • All MRCs download and print the school-wise, class-wise and child-wise proforma of FA I and sent to the schools through CRP for filling the children performance.
  • After filling the marks and upload the data entry through child-info website at mandal level.
  • all High schools have to upload the children performance at their school level only.
  • Student attendance column included in website CCE Marks Entry 2023.
  • The tentative attendance has been sent through proceedings
  • CRPs may collect the data from school and upload data at mandal level.
  • By 31st October, 2021 they should complete the uploading of children performance of FA 1.
  • Therefore the District Educational Officers in the State are requested give instructions to MEOs, HMs of High Schools to upload the children performance in “” immediately.
  • municated the Guidelines for uploading the Child-wise performance (Formative Assessment and Summative Assessments) into the child info website: is as follows Use same user name, password and URL address, which is used to open child-info website.

CCE system

Tracking children’s performance was a school-level project prior to the introduction of CCE. CCE Marks Entry 2023 However, significant modifications have been made to the performance procedure. The Indian state of Telangana was the first to implement the CCE system in all upper elementary and high school classrooms.CCE Marks Entry 2023 All student performance data will be consolidated on a single CDSE schooled website as a result of the move.

The CCE will be implemented in all state schools beginning in 2014–15, as stated by the Telangana Samagra Shiksha. The Telangana government decided, after careful observation, to conduct the four formative assessments and two summative assessments annually beginning in 2016-17. It is a one-of-a-kind procedure that uploads performance data for each child to the child info website at A new partnership with the TS online resulted from the child information department’s new changes this year. The past site for the ts child info cce marks section is

Children Performance/CCE Marks Data Entry/ CCE Marks Entry 2023

Child Info: Children Attendance and Performance


To access, you will need to enter your login details. To do so, go to the ‘My Account’ section of the website and select ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu. CCE Marks Entry 2023 You will be able to enter your login details and password to gain access to the site. Remember to keep your account details safe and secure as you may need them in the future.

  • To begin, you should be required to sign in to the student info Telangana gov website
  • Look for the Login option on the home page.
  • Clicking on the login option will bring you to the login page.
  • Complete the User Name and Password fields.
  • Select the “Login” link.

information about School, Teachers, and Children particulars:

A) School Particulars:

Information of School Particulars

B) Curricular subject Staff Particulars:

Curricular subject Staff Particulars

Download CCE Proformas:

CCE Marks Entry 2023
  • CCE Proforma for FA 1,2 & SA 1 Report: Child Performance Proforma
  • CCE Proforma for FA 3,4 & SA 4 Report: Child Performance Proforma
  • School Information Form: School Info
  • Results sheet for PS and UP Level: Results Sheet & Results sheet link

C) Co-Curricular subject Staff Particulars:

Co-Curricular subject Staff Particulars CCE Marks Entry 2023

School Info, Children Performance, CCE Data Uploading in Child info Website

  • CCE Report Form 1
  • CCE Report Form 2

TS Child info CCE Marks Entry Online FAQ’S

How can I check my child info in Telangana? is the TGSSA Child Information Web Portal. Using a Child Info Website, online monitoring of school visit reports. OR Uploading Child Information Data The Child Information and Tracking System.

Which is the merit of CCE?

Teachers may systematize their methods for successful teaching thanks to CCE. The instructor may notice deficiencies and learning styles of particular pupils with continual assessment. It helps to improve student performance by regularly identifying a student’s learning difficulties.

Why CCE is removed?

CCE Marks Entry 2023 The CCE paradigm was blamed for the ills of declining educational standards, lack of academic rigour, and competitiveness among engineering graduates.

Is CCE important in college?

A student’s learning journey is evaluated in both academic and co-scholastic domains. Since it places a high value on the students’ co-scholastic activities in addition to their academic efforts, CCE is comprehensive in character.

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